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Are you looking to buy or install a fence for your home or property? Chain link fence may be the right choice for you. This fence type is not only economical but also functional in keeping your property safe from intruders. Chain link fence is also versatile and can be used either in commercial or residential settings. Basically, a chain link fence is a galvanized steel wire intertwined into a net-like mesh. So, what other benefits does this fencing type offer?

Benefits of Chain Link Fencing


Compared to other types of fences, chain link is the most affordable choice to install. Therefore, when you have a large area to fence, this fencing type will not drain your pockets. Its affordability makes it an excellent choice for temporary fence installation, for example in a construction site.

Quick Installation

Installing a chain link fencing is easy and quick, especially when it is done by a professional chain link fencing company like Gresham Fence and Deck contractors. When you need to keep your property safe within a short time, this type of fencing can be useful.


Chain link fencing is transparent which gives you a clear view of activities in or outside the fence. This total visibility features of this fence type allow you to see any suspicious happenings in or around your property. Furthermore, the transparent property of this fence ensures sunlight isn’t blocked. Therefore, if you have planted flowers beside the fencing, they will grow up healthy.

No Maintenance

Chain link fencing doesn’t require complex maintenance such as painting or staining regularly to keep it looking great. The only maintenance issue you need to take care of is removing the small creepers and other plants that may grow on the fence. If left to grow on the fence, it can strain the fence leading and cause it to collapse.


Chain link fences are designed to withstand rough exposure and still maintain their good look. They can withstand harsh weather elements without wearing out or affecting its appearance. Furthermore, the fence is coated, which keeps it safe from oxidation reactions; hence preventing rusting. Therefore, the fence will serve you for long without requiring a replacement or repairs which saves you money

Why Get A Chain Link Installed By A Professional?

Fence contractor securing a chain link fenceDespite being an excellent fencing type, chain link fencing can only serve you best if it is correctly installed. That is why you need to hire professional fencing contractor to get the job one. With professional fencing services, you enjoy the following benefits;

Fast Installation

Our highly skilled contractors will get a chain link fence installed fast because we have experience, tools, and expertise required to carry out chain link fencing installation. The professionals can get the job done right when you need it. Although chain link fencing installation is easy, it is only easy if you have to expertise to do it. Otherwise, you will spend weeks doing something that would have taken several days for professionals to complete.


When you undertake the job on your own, you will most likely not do it appropriately; hence your fence will not last for long. Our fencing contractors will install a chain link fence appropriately to ensure it will not require repairs any time soon.

Chain Link Fencing for Gresham and our Surrounding Communities

4 foot chain link fence surrounding homeIf you reside in Gresham, Oregon residents and the neighboring areas of Portland, Happy Valley, Milwaukie, Clackamas, Oregon City, Damascus, FairviewTroutdale, and Sandy.  Gresham Fence and Deck Contractors is the best company to rely on for all your fencing needs. We provide quality cedar wood fencing, vinyl fencing, iron fencing, chain link fencing and dog runs. We are a locally owned and operated fencing contractor committed to providing exceptional service using quality fencing material. Our clients can count on honesty and integrity. Contact us today by calling us or completing a simple form to experience our excellent services.

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