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Cedar privacy fence on a corner lot home in Gresham

If  you live in Gresham and are looking for a wood fence contractor? Look no further, we are Gresham’s one stop shop for expert wood fence installation and repair.  Cedar fencing has turned out to be one of the most preferred choice for homeowners and commercial users who are looking forward to installing a wooden fence for reasons known to them. Cedar is far much better than other wooden options considering the benefits it offers. Even though cedar is relatively expensive when compared to other options, it’s worth the value considering what it offers in return. Further, Gresham Fence and Deck Contractors offer cedar fences in various styles, which means that they can be customized, and homeowners can choose the style of their choice.

Reasons to install cedar wood fence?


Cedar has a longer lifespan when compared to other wood options and can cope easily with adverse conditions. The great thing about cedar is its ability to uphold its look and maintain its shape even in severe weather conditions. A cedar is worth the investment because of its long-lasting properties. Cedar also can regulate its moisture levels to match that of the surrounding. The good thing about cedar is that it requires little or no maintenance, and you can be confident that it will be in good shape. The extended lifespan makes it worth the value.

Natural privacy

Beautiful cedar wood fence surrounding a large green lawnThe main objective of installing cedar fences is to capitalize on privacy. The boards can be applied as a firm wooden structure that provides room for high walls with no gaps, and this blocks the sound. With cedar, you can customize the fence into different styles based on the level of privacy you want.


Wood fencing is generally attractive and welcoming. Cedar fence is appealing can change the image of your home. Cedar fences are eye-catching in nature and are a significant addition if you are looking to make your home more attractive. Once you have installed this kind of fence, you can choose to have it retain its natural look, or you can consider having it stained. Most homeowners prefer the natural look, as it is gorgeous.

Cost effective

Wood is quite affordable when compared to other fencing materials, such as stones. Wood fencing does not require to maintained regularly, unlike other fencing options. Standard cedar wood fencing option is more cost-effective to average homeowners, keeping in mind that it’s still an investment to your home and property.

Increase in Property Value

The addition of cedar fence into your compound is not only meant to secure and grant privacy to your home, but also to increase the value of your property. This means that if you decide to sell your home, you will sell it at a better price than you could have done without a fence.

When looking forward to upgrading your home and property, a fence should be the first thing that comes into your mind. A fence should top the list of your priorities, followed by other striking investments such as a swimming pool. The other thing with the fence is that its value does not decline, and it’s appealing to homeowners who want to ensure their kids and pets remain indoors and bar intruders from accessing your home. In general, wooden fences are ideal investments since they offer numerous benefits with little or no maintenance costs. The replacement of wood fences is quite affordable when compared to other fencing options.

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